InHisVerse Extras: Advanced Bible Dictionary Tools for Greek/Hebrew Lexicon Studies


InHisVerse Extras: Translator Dictionary Tools for Deeper Studies

Featuring Synonym Search, Greek Root Inspector, KJV, BibleHub.Com, Scholarly Opinion


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IHV Extras -  Translator Dictionary Tools For Deep Greek / Hebrew Word Studies

A translator's toolkit that includes these tools:

-  Synonym Search lets you find Greek / Hebrew words with a similar English meaning.
Greek Inspector searches the variants within related Greek words.
BibleHub.Com support built-in. With additional Greek/Hebrew lexicons, over 25 translations, parallel Bibles, sermons, commentaries and much more...
King James Version outlines and definitions.
International Standard Bible Encyclopedia. All ten volumes, indexed by verse for easy lookup.
Eight Other Dictionaries and Topical Bibles including Schaff's, Morrish, and Fausset's.  All dictionaries are uniquely indexed by their verse reference.
Bookmarks and Reading History mean you'll never lose your place.
-  All for a very low price; to keep InHisVerse affordable for all.

A full 30 day trial of IHV Extras is included with each install. After 30 days, you can still use IHV Basic. It never expires. Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover Cards as well as PayPal and Amazon accounts are accepted for payments.



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