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InHisVerse Makes Greek / Hebrew Word Study Easy


InHisVerse Bible for Windows makes it easy to study Biblical Greek and Hebrew. It automates Strong's dictionary look-ups by outlining every verse with original definitions, revealing some of the original ideas, lost in translation that inspired the authors. Choose a word from the outline and a lexicon concordance is built instantly, so you can see how the word was used in other passages, in context. The word's linguistic information and additional definitions from Thayer's, Browns and Berean dictionaries is simultaneously displayed. InHisVerse Basic is freeware, it never expires and uses the Berean Study Bible.


Having a basic understanding of major Greek and Hebrew words and concepts should be part of every believer's faith journey. By design, InHisVerse helps you to slow down, meditate and consider parts of scripture easily overlooked, uncovering original meanings to every word in every verse. Teachers will find a wealth of original language knowledge; trains of thought that are not flavored by any doctrinal interpretation, making it easy to build totally accurate lessons quickly. The lexicon concordance shows you how major parts of the Bible fit together, one truth building on another.


InHisVerse Bible DictionaryInHisVerse Bible Dictionary

InHisVerse Bible Dictionary

Study the Scriptures Like a Bible Translator

=> InHisVerse looks up the Greek/Hebrew definition automatically.

=> So you can spend time considering how wonderfully Biblical words and concepts fit together.

=> Create in-depth and accurate Bible word studies in half the time with much less work.

    -  Easy to familiarize yourself with the Greek and Hebrew languages.

    -  Perfect for slow, contemplative Bible study methods.

    -  Every word outlined with its original definition.

This is an example of how words are defined in InHisVerse Bible Dictionary. Greek Word Arche is also defined as 'chief'

    -  Click on the word to reveal deeper information, including....

    -  How each word is pronounced, it's origin, how it was translated.

    -  Detailed definitions from Strong's, Thayer's, Brown's and Berean Study Bible dictionaries.

InHisVerse Bible Dictionary lets you clearly understand the word's definition including unique alternate ways the word was used.

    -  Every verse that uses the word is presented in a full concordance.

    -  So you can learn the shades of meaning and plays on words known only to native speakers.

InHisVerse Bible Dictionary gives a clear understanding of  the word's definition by viewing it in a concordance, context, showing how it was used.

    - In this example, John starts his Gospel talking about the 'beginning,' but unknown to the English reader, the Greek word arche is also used to describe a ruler, implying a creator always existed.

    -  These features (IHV Basic) are freeware; totally free of charge.

    -  As a bonus, you'll receive a 30 day free trial of InHisVerse Extras. Find out more Here


A Great Way To Learn Basic Greek & Hebrew

InHisVerse Bible Dictionary has everything you need to perform in-depth word studies with an ease linguists could only dream of.